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Methow Made

From hay and grain for the goats to herbs and spices for the cheese, nearly everything that goes into the dairy is produced right here in the Methow Valley.

Sunny Pine Farm strives to make cheese that honors the earth, the goat, and your taste buds.

ABOUT  Sunny Pine Farm


Sunny Pine Farm is a micro dairy business located in Twisp, Washington owned and operated by Carl Rapp and his wife, Tania Gonzalez Ortega.  Our goal is to continue what Ed and Vicky Welch started and that is to produce the highest quality goat milk products while providing excellent service to our local and regional customers at a price that will sustain us. We are dedicated to operating in a way that honors our relationships, the land and the natural web of life in a way that recognizes our interdependence.  We take pride in our product and all the processes involved in creating it - from the care and management of the goat herd, to our sanitary practices, work ethic, work environment, employee relations, and care of the land.  We hope you like our product and give us your feedback! Please watch enjoy the video below!


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